Gerakan acting party president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon is appealing for support of Penangites to push them back to power. Koh said Gerakan has a proven track records in governing Penang.

Dr Koh said Penang was where Gerakan originated, rose to glory and subsequently fell from power, hence the state was the best place for the recovery process to take place.

“We will work hard and smart to earn the people’s respect once again.

“I believe they will give Gerakan another chance after having led the state for 39 years …
“Our track record is all there,” Koh he said according to News Straits Times.

The party delegate conference this year was also held modestly at the state party headquarter instead of a posh hotels as before.

While admitting that the party had been complacent at times while in power, Koh said the time had come for members to rise to the occasion, be self-reliant and work their way up once again.

Koh admitted that the people of Penang had already rejected BN in the general election, and said the party would be assessing the situation from time to time.