Even our nearest neighbor Singapore now see more reasons for Abdullah to quit rather than clinging on to power.

Assistant foreign editor of Straits TimeĀ  Reme Ahmad said under Abdullah, crime has jumped, the judiciary remains shaky, the tough Internal Security Act law had just been unleashed again, the mainstream media is used to spin stories not write facts, and corruption seems to have gotten worse.

Added to these – race relations and the economy have also taken a beating.

There are actually good reasons, from his perspective, why he does not want to step down quickly.

  • Umno is in a mess, with the ground angry, confused and scared of losing power.
  • The civil servants are in disarray too on whether, and how far, they should help these four Pakatan states or not.
  • Four, and not five, because after 18 years under Pas, federal civil servants in Kelantan know how to play the game.
  • But one word, perhaps, sums up what he why he wants to stay on: Legacy.

Of course, there is also a very good reason why he should step down also – namely, so that Umno could re-unite under a stronger leader, Deputy PM Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

  • But look at it from Datuk Seri Abdullah’s point of view – he cannot afford to step down now.
  • Or else he would be forever seen in the history books as the prime minister who did almost nothing.
  • Yes, he launched all those corridors.
  • Yes, he did somehow, and without having real control, did open up the media space.
  • But he would want to go down in history as having achieved something tangible, something solid even.
  • Don’t we all?
  • Put yourself in his position – would you leave when you see things are not right?

Meanwhile according to Malaysiakini Deputy Prime Minister – the newly appointed Finance Minister Najib Abdul Razak today denied the government was considering a move to re-peg the ringgit.

You can come up with your own list of why the newly appointed Finance Minister didn’t re-peg the ringgit.