Consumers who incur RM20 or less for this month’s electricity bill will not have to pay the sum from Oct 1.

A Tenaga Nasional Berhad spokesman said those consumers with electricity consumption of below RM20 would receive the rebate directly in their bills.

However, the spokesman said TNB staff would continue to conduct meter readings in accordance with the company’s prevailing practice.

“If a consumer’s bill is less than RM20 for a particular month and has no other arrears or oustanding amount, the bill will then be RM0, which will be stated as “government rebate”.

“Consumers are also advised to refer to the ‘Amount to be Paid’ column on their bill as to the final amount due to TNB for that particular bill, which among others may include other charges or additional deposits,” he said here on Monday.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had announced when tabling the Budget on Aug 29 that the Government would exempt consumers with electricity bills of RM20 or less from payments from Oct 1 till the end of next year.

Abdullah said the Federal Government would bear the RM170mil cost of the bills and reduce the burden of 1.1 million low-income households. The Star