After SAPP now it’s Gerakan according to this Malaysiakini news piece. The founding members of Barisan Nasional didn’t rule out the option of leaving the coalition government. In fact it is one of the three options being considered.

Party acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said the two other options were to stay with the ruling coalition or leave and be independent.

“We are not ruling out any possibility (of leaving) at this moment. We have to assess but we are not closing the door.

“Neither are we saying we will definitely leave. It’s something we need to assess but we cannot do it based on sentiments alone,” he told reporters after launching the KL-Federal Territory (FT) state delegates conference here yesterday.

“If you go on sentiments alone, I would say more than 60% (want to leave) but we are taking a lot of factors into consideration. A decision cannot be based just on sentiments.”

He added that party leaders were examining how the political scenario in the country would continue to change and had been getting feedback from the grassroots.

“It’s a very trying time and there is need for a lot of rational, objective analysis. It cannot be a straightforward, simplistic decision,” he said.