Datuk Donald Lim is pressing for Umno to give Sabah Deputy Chief Minister post to MCA (and kick out Raymond Tan an estranged member of SAPP) and to allow party contesting 10 state and five parliamentary seats in the state. The Star reports:

Datuk Donald Lim, who is contesting the party’s deputy presidency, said that Sabah MCA chairman Datuk Edward Khoo, should be given the Deputy Chief Minister’s post to strengthen the Barisan Nasional in the state.

“I am proposing that MCA in Sabah be given the deputy chief minister’s post. There is no point for MCA to come to Sabah if until today for 17 years since 1991, we have only one assemblyman,” he told a news conference here on Saturday.

Lim said that Umno needs MCA to help strengthen its position in the state under the present political scenario following the withdrawal of the Sabah Progressive Party from the Barisan Nasional coalition last month.

Datuk Donald Lim adds:

“If everyday we are yes men, this is not politics or what the people and our grassroots want in Sabah. They are unhappy about it,” he said, adding that the MCA leadership had failed to fight for Sabah MCA members and they should apologise for their failure.

A populist stand – usually blurted out of politicians mouth when party election is around the corner to fish for vote.

It also an attempt by the MCA deputy president hopeful to divert attention from him, following a widely circulated short-text messages (SMS) alleging that he had formed a secret election pact with the camp closely linked to outgoing party president Ong Ka Ting. Read Malaysiakini for more.