Abdullah has yet to announce his intention either to contest Umno top post (refer this Malaysiakini news). Already, there are certain Umno top leaders who just can’t wait for him to be out of Umno,  so that they can go for the second post, which would be left vacant once Najib get elevated.

Ironically, these people also try hard to project an image of being Abdullah’s loyalists who wants to teach Muhyiddin the meaning of loyalty.  As Joceline Tan put it:

It is no secret that the loyal circle around the Prime Minister blames Muhyiddin for derailing the 2010 transition plan. Some Umno insiders suggest that this small circle is backing Zahid to take on Muhyiddin. They know Muhyiddin will not be easy to beat but they intend to give him a run for the money.

But Zahid may have inevitably opened the floodgates for the No. 2 post. The other would-be candidates probably think that if Zahid, at 55 and basically a Johnny-come-lately who has never contested for vice-president, could see himself as the next deputy president and deputy prime minister, then so can they.

The others have worked their way up the ranks and several of them have been Mentri Besar or Minister or both for several terms.

But there is an important reason that Zahid has caused such a stir. The reason is that despite his inexperience, he looks like a serious contender who will give it his all.

Let’s wait and see what Muhyiddin would do.