I really don’t buy it when news reports lately suggested that Abdullah would not contest the prestigious Umno President seat. Well, definitely not without a fight.

His 30 odd supporters from Perak, Kedah, Penang and Selangor (Pakatan ruled states) who came to Sri Perdana last night might have succeeded in persuading the embattled Umno president to defend his post – as reported by this Malaysiakini reports.

Now if this is indeed true, where would Najib, Zahid Hamidi, Ali Rustam, 2M fit in that picture? Will Najib step aside albeit temporarily (or permanently) so that his boss could stay on for another year or two? Will Najib fights Abdullah and risk being strip naked.

As far as I know Najib has no history of being a ‘fighter’. The most likely outcome is – he would be happy to remain as Abdullah deputy.