Four years ago when he was at the height of his power Abdullah as far as I’m concerned have never outline specifically the things that Umno should do. Hence when he outlined 10 things Umno must do (see the list here) – I’m just amazed.

Out of the 10 things he outlined, two of them really caught me. Imagine Umno (with it ketuanan Melayu) championing the rights of Chinese, Indians and other non-Malays in the country? Abdullah must be kidding. Here are what Abdullah wants Umno to do:

# 1. Be a true champion of Malays.
Somewhere along the way, the Umno train became derailed in terms of serving the genuine and pressing needs of the Malay masses. Instead the focus came to rest on things such as contracts, companies, cuts, equity stakes and such – in other words the enrichment of a relative few in the community.

Sometimes such things have been at the expense of the interests of the country when businessmen (including some from other communities) got deals which were too good from the Government. That is already bad but this was coupled with less attention and intelligent effort on vital areas such as education which has set the clock back in some cases.

And at the same time he wants Umno to:

# 10. Be a true champion of Malaysians.
The time has come for all parties to think of themselves as Malaysians and see how we all as a group can move forward. If we help all the disadvantaged amongst us, automatically the most disadvantaged communities will be helped more.

Seriously, I don’t see anyone in Umno current line of leaders will of any material to be a true champion of Malaysians. Definitely, not that Mat Albar, NJR, 2M, MY, or Kerishamuddin.

Pak Lah if you’re trying to stamp your mark – your should have done so five years ago when you’re at the height of your power. Sadly you opt to sleep walk during those five years. Now there is nothing you can do in 5 months (actually only three months as you will ask to go on leave two months before March 9).  See this Malaysiakini report.