In politics they say ‘politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason’.

Despite publicly pledged allegiance to Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi leadership for the past few seventh months, the tone of support a day after Abdullah announced his retirement seem to be the reversed.

The drastic changed of support is not at all unexpected.

The Borneo Post today splashed out on it front page big photo of Abdullah with headlines that shout “March 2009” in an usually big font format! Borneo Post is known for being Taib’s paper.

The paper carried comments by BN state leaders – ie., Masing, Abdul Karim and Dr Stephen Rundi.

Masing comments as highlighted in the paper read as follows:

Abdullah’s decision not to defend his position in Umno and retire as PM on March 9 next year is a brave and wise decision which Umno and Malaysians must appreciate.

“It means he put nation’s interest welfare first. Such trait is rare among leaders of third world,”

Another Barisan Nasional state leader, PBB supreme council member and Sarawak BN Backbenchers’ club president Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said Abdullah’s announcement was expected.

“The decision of not contesting Umno for the top Umno post comes as no surprise to me as we all Malaysians are expecting it. And there have been rumours of Pak Lah stepping down,” Borneo Post reported Karim as saying.

No one in Umno or in Barisan Nasional component parties seem to be saddened by Abdullah departure. In fact they are cheering as we can gauge from the various news reports available including this Malaysiakini report.