Today’s generation of journalists must do more investigative reporting to serve the reading public better, said veteran journalist Tan Sri Mazlan Nordin.

He said journalists could play a more important role in society by doing investigative reporting on issues and not just focus on reports they heard or read about.

“What we see today is that some newspaper reporters often follow up on postings made by bloggers in their blogsites. For example, about what transpired during the recent Umno supreme council meeting…the next day, the newspapers seemed to be doing follow-ups on what appeared on the blogs about the meeting,” he told reporters after a function to celebrate his 84th birthday, here Tuesday night.

He said such a practice would not show the credibility of the media to the public.

Mazlan, who is a former chairman of Bernama, also urged journalists to champion the interests of all races in the country.

“Can the newspapers in Malaysia do this? If it’s a Bahasa Malaysia newspaper, it should not just highlight Malay problems and fight for the community’s interests only. We should instead voice the aspirations and interests of all the races in this country,” he said.

Also present at the birthday celebration were former information minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin and Bernama editorial adviser Datuk Azman Ujang.