The Penan chief at Long kawi settlement in central Baram has denied that a 16-year-old girl allegedly raped while returning to her boarding school last year was from the settlement.

In a surprising revelation, Satuk Lawai, 60 told Borneo Post he was ‘totally’ shocked and surprised’ when police turned up at his settlement investigate the alleged rape and the victim.

“I don’t know of any 16 year-old girl from my village who has been disturbed and raped by another timber camp workers,” he said at his house when interviewed Borneo Post reporters.

The state daily also said that the Penan, camp management and workers have good ties with them.

“If there is such a thing. I would have known about it and I would have lodged a report with the respective timber camp,” Borneo Post added Lawai to have said.

Police have been prompted to investigate the case following news report by a national daily on October 6, that a 16-year old girl named Cynthia boarded a four-wheel-drive vehicle despatched by a major logging company to ferry students to SMK Long Lama from Long Kawi.

Instead of sending to his passengers of two boys and three girls to their school the driver drove to logging camp where they spend a night.

During the night, a man who was drunk allegedly dragged Cynthia out of the room where she was sleeping with other two girls and took her to the bushes behind the camp where he raped her.

It was reported the former Form 3 student became pregnant and delivered a baby girl a few months ago.

Satuk denied the allegations, saying he had told the investigating police team that there was no 16-year old Penan girl in Long Kawi who was pregnant after having been raped as reported.

The Penan chief said the only 16 year old from Long Kawi that came into mind is the one called Jenny who is married to another Penan from Long Kevok.

Baram district police chief DSP Johnathan Jalin told the Borneo Post a special task force team was still on the ground in mid-Baram are to investigate the alleged incident.