The Sarawakian Government will soon set up a task force to solve the long-standing problem of stateless Sarawakians.

The term, ‘stateless Sarawakians’, refers to locals who do not possess identification documents issued by the National Registration Department (NRD).

State social development and urbanisation minister Datuk Seri Willam Mawan Ikom said the task force would comprises various goverment departments and agencies related to the issuance of identification documents.

“The problem is quite serious now as it affects the livelihood and future of stateless people,” he told reporters after attending a briefing by NRD officials here today.

To prove his point, Mawan said state NRD statistics revealed that those rendered ‘stateless’ comprised the following:

* Difficulty in delivering identification documents to 1,274 owners;

* Failure to register identification documents of 3,887 people due to techincal reasons, and,

* 4,800 students without such documents in Sarawak.