Several ministers are currently discussing what action should be taken against Malaysiakini for purported false report about Najib manifesto. However, since such action would trigger public outcry which can be damaging to their reputation, they choose to pass the buck to one another.

Hence the reason why Datuk Shabery Cheek the Information Minister reluctance to take action. The passing the job Datuk Shaziman Mansor the Minister in charge of Ministry of Energy, Water & Communications. Bernama reports:

“It is only appropriate if the MCMC, which is under the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications, takes action against Malaysiakini since it concerns an online news portal,” he told reporters after presenting excellence service awards and farewell gifts to retiring staff of the ministry at Angkasapuri here tonight.

Shabery said this in response to the e-mail published by Malaysiakini, purportedly from a “Najib Support Group” containing a so called Najib’s manifesto for Umno elections to be held in March next year.

In the party’s ongoing nomination process, Najib remains the sole contender for the Umno presidency. The nomination process, where the 191 divisions in Umno pick their choice of candidates for top party posts, ends on Nov 9.

Malaysiakini, without any verification from the Deputy Prime Minister’s office, had published the content of the e-mail.

“This is one of the abuses of cyberspace where people just simply pick up things without checking and publish as the gospel truth. But the damage done is rather obvious.

“It was clearly done with the intention of tarnishing a national leader. The action is very much regretted,” he said.

Well, Malaysiakini I bet isn’t at all unfamiliar with the antics of the big brothers in Putrajaya. They have been harassed several times in past including confiscating of laptops, computers etc by the authority.