Dynamite need not necessarily come in small packages, a marine police operation discovered yesterday.

In ‘Ops Tayang’, a team of policemen intercepted a pump boat off Semporna waters, only to stumble on 1,800 detonators being smuggled into Sabah.

Seven people found on board the unregistered twin-engin boat, from the Mantanbua area of the Philippines, were nabbed in the operation at 11.30am.

The suspects, including a woman and two children, are facilitating investigations into illegal possession of explosives and illegal entry into Malaysian waters.

Also seized from the boat were eight rolls of fuse measuring 10m each, 35 bottles of liquour and 24,440 pesos.

Sabah marine police chief ACP Abdul Manaf Othman said the police foiled an attempt to smuggle the detonators into the state.

“We believe the explosives were meant for fishing,” he told reporters here Friday.

Abdul Manaf said the suspects, aged between two and 50, did not have valid documents, adding that they would be investigated under Section 8 of the Explosives Act 1957.