dol ramli

Educationists should fully utilise modern facilities to make history lessons more interesting and able to capture the students’ imagination, newly-appointed Malaysian Historical Society fellow Tan Sri Dol Ramli (photo) said, Saturday.

He said that during his university days, one of his professors was able to turn history into such an interesting topic that none of his classmates ever missed a single lesson.

“How history is presented is important. The education department, teachers, professors and lecturers should conduct history lessons in an interesting way.

“My professors could do it during my school days and they did not have many audio-video aids then. What more now with all the modern gadgets,” he said at the PSM Fellowship Awards presentation at the society’s headquarters here.

Dol, who was one of RTM’s pioneers and a former Bernama general manager, received the fellowship from Heritage of Malaysia Trust president Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid.

The other two recipients were former Education Services Commission Tan Sri Sheikh Hussein Sheikh Mohamed and UKM Borneo Studies Centre director Datuk Zainal Abidin Abdul Wahid.