It an open secret that Sarawakians general in favor of Taib going sooner rather than later. However don’t be surprised of the reaction of apple polishers in PRS, SPDP and SUPP tomorrow now that the story is out into the mainstream domain. They would shout it a typical Malaysiakini sensationalizing story.

There is no doubt the story reflects the growing restiveness of the various communities in Sarawak against Taib Mahmud’s style of aloof leadership by domination. He is currently the longest-serving chief minister ever in any states in Malaysia.

One blogger remarks:

while such longevity speaks volumes of Taib’s political astuteness, it also screams at the calcification of BN Sarawak. The Dayak community has deliberately been kept in a lost world by the persistent and consistent loss of potential leaders who are co-opted into the world of largesse offered by Taib and BN Sarawak.

The Dayak leaders in BN Sarawak voluntarily undergo a political neutering process, trading the rights and honour of their own community in favour personal gains, political and economic. Truly, early leaders like Stephen Kalong Ningkan would weep for the Dayak community that has never recovered from the sacking of Ningkan as Chief Minister.

I couldn’t agree more. Perhaps Malaysiakini should do more investigative reports on why Taib wants 12 more dams to be constructed in Sarawak when he still don’t know what to do with Bakun?