A prayer said to be asking God to let president Arroyo run the country until 2010 grabbing the widespread media attention in the Philippines.

Arroyo tickles as she Dureza asked ‘God’ to let her continue to lead the country until her term ends or beyond.

Dureza, in his opening prayer at the Cabinet meeting in MalacaƱang on November 18, asked for forbearance for Arroyo that she may lead the country until her term ends in 2010.

But when he added, “and who knows, perhaps even beyond,” cameras caught Arroyo’s expression change, glaring at Dureza and muttering “Oh my God” before covering her face with her hands a GMA News reports said.

Arroyo then asked media covering the event to treat the prayer “off the record.” But media came out with the story, noting an off-the-record request is usually made before the event.

Dureza, for his part, tried to laugh off the incident, saying they had a “good laugh” and that he had meant the prayer for Arroyo beyond 2010 was for her to serve in a private capacity.