The number of complaints received against the civil service is on the rise, said Public service deputy director-general Datuk Dr Ismail Alias in Kuching on Wednesday.

He said for this year alone some 6,059 complaints were recorded up to September 2008.

“This shows that the number of dissatisfied customers are on the rise” Ismail said at the launch of ‘Kumpulan Meningkat Mutu Kerja’ (Quality Control Circle) 25th National-Level Convention 2008 at a leading hotel in Kuching.

Ismail who was representing the director-general of Public Service Tan Sri Ismail Adam said among the complaints were, slow or no action at all from officers, officers not being fair in making decision, no quality service, corruption, misuse of  power, misdeed and failing to enforce.

Dr Ismail said the seemingly rising complaints lodged against civil service had started in 2005. He said based on the data from the Public Complaints Bureau in 2005 there were 2,707 complaints recorded and rose to 3,394 complaints (2006), 5,347 complaints (2007) respectively.

He said the rising number of complaints lodged each year was giving a negative image of the civil service organization.

Ismail said applying the Quality Control (QCC) in the civil service should correct the organization’s dented public image.

“I believe the civil service will be cured of much of the ills through the many efforts of producing multi-skilled, knowledgeable civil servants,” he said.