Shahrizat, left is no contend as Rafidah's deputy (right).

What an ironic, the ladies in Umno appear to be more ‘lelaki’ or real man does than the men themselves in Umno.

They fight it more like a man than woman. Hard and hitting.

Abdullah insistent that he didn’t want to split Umno as the main reason why he cowed on fighting Najib – will forever remembered as one of Malaysia weakest prime minister.

Rafidah as feisty as she often is – definitely didn’t want to be remembered as such.

Although many thought she should give up and follow Abdullah style of leadership transition. She has every right to contest the movement top post.

Mubarak should have not intervened by stopping the contest.  Let’s the movement decide for themselves who are the better leader of the two Shahrizat or Rafidah.

As Shahrizat said (quoted from Malaysiakini) “Wanita Umno must be united in strengthening the party and be bold in bringing about change and renewal.

The contest for the top two will definitely strengthening Umno as only the best candidates will win – albeit if money politics involved. Money politics and Umno is almost synonymous these days as former PM Tun said.