The Federation of Kuching and Samarahan Divisions Chinese Primary Schools Board of Management is fuming that some 100 headmaster posts for Chinese schools in the Sarawak have yet to be filled.

“There are over 100 headmasters posts left vacant in Sarawak and this has been going on for quite sometime,” Liu told Borneo Post after inspecting the construction of SJK Chung Hua Sungai Tapang in Kuching on Friday.

Liu (right) with SJK Chung Hua Sungai Tapang school building committee members inspecting the construction of the new school building in MJC Batu Kawa Kuching. (photo: Borneo Post)

Liu added “in Kuching alone there are ten Chinese primary schools still without headmasters and some do not have sufficient numbers of teaching staffs”.

The shortages of teachers and headmasters in Chinese schools were also partly due the teacher transfer system itself the federation noted.

There were cases of teachers who used to teach in Chinese primary schools upon their transfer were placed in national schools lamented the federation.

“Recently a Chinese school teacher complaint to us that after being transferred to Sarawak from peninsular, instead of being transferred to another a Chinese school that teacher was placed in national school,” Liu said.

Liu also said the quota system which limits the number of trainee teachers for Chinese medium schools to 600 trainees per intake should reviewed in tandem with increment of students intake in Chinese schools nationwide.

On the relocation of SJK Chung Hua to Sungai Tapang in MJC Batu Kawa Liu said the school construction is almost 80 percent completed and should be ready before December.

“To date, we have raised RM5 million from symphatizer of Chinese education as well as members of the public but we are still need additional RM4 million to meet the total construction cost,” Liu said.

*Lim How Pim of Borneo Post contributed to this article and edited by Bintulu.Org)