Grand Perfect Sdn Bhd (GPSB) handed over some 20 canvases for rearing of Thai and African catfish to four Beketan longhouses in Penyarai about four hours drive from Bintulu on Thursday.

Mr Ling (left) handing over canvases to the longhouse folks. (photo BP)
Grand Perfect community development manager Ling Kai Siew said it was part of the company on-going efforts to help the Beketan communities of at least 600 population to suplement their income as almost all of them are farmers.

In between farming activities some them will find jobs at nearby logging camps to earn extra cash.

In Oct 2001, Sarawak government commissioned a project to replant at 50,000 hectars of lands in Bintulu division to a consortium known as Grand Perfect Sdn. Bhd.

The Beketan communities in Penyarai are one of the indigenous peoples (including Punan, Iban, Tatau and Lugat) affected by the mega acacia tree planting project.

Mr Ling also added the GPSB will try to equip the communtiy longhouses with fire extinquisher as part of the measure to protect them against fire.

*Reporting by Borneo Post and edited by Bintulu.Org.