Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu Numpang lambasted ‘certain quarters’ who he said kept denying the great changes and developments that Sarawak experienced in the 45 years of independent.

Speaking at a luncheon reception of St Mark Chapel Nanga Peka, Paku, Jabu described them as individuals or small groups of people who were always in denial.

“They were only trying to influence the people to oppose development for their own personal gain,” Jabu reported to have said by Borneo Post.

Jabu who is the Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communication as well as Minister of Rural Development warned the peoples against falling prey to such detractors.

The Deputy Chief Minister said these peoples are only good at making empty promises but added he was confident that people would not be easily swayed by them to ensure that they would remain progressive.

However not everyone is agreeable with the Sarawak Deputy Minister statement. Jabu is in fact often at loggerheads with many young Dayaks intellectuals and bloggers for his off-the-cuff remarks.

Henry anak Joseph a Dayak blogger recently said “It has greatly surprised me that a man of his standing is prepared to stoop so low to find fault with the young Dayak intellectuals. In my humble opinion his precious time should be devoted to matters that can provide long term benefits to the Dayak,”.

In another function earlier on Jabu announced RM50 million dividends will be paid to Salcra scheme participants in January and July 2009.