A lorry driver said to be losing control of his vehicle causing the death of a man and minor injuries to four more motorists near Kampung Jugan along Bau-Lundu road on yesterday.

The Sunday afternoon tragic accident claimed the life of Lim Geok Seng 54, from Tabuan road after the van he was traveling on collided with a palm oil lorry tanker.

Lee Geok Seng was said to be travelling with a business partner to Bau and the lorry was on it way to Lundu. He died on the spot due to suspected serious head injuries as a result of the accident.

The tanker driver was said to have lost control of the vehicle when approaching a sharp bend, and knocked into two incoming motorcyclists before crashing into Lee’s van.

The massive impact of the collision causing extensive damaged to the van especially on where Lee was said to have seated. Fortunately the van drive escaped with minor injuries and the lorry driver left unscathed from the accident.

Both motorcyclists and their pillion riders also escaped with minor injuries. Police, Fire and Rescue personnel were rushed to the scene to help the victims and to ensure smooth traffic in the area.

The body of Lee Geok Seng was extricated from the mangled wreck a few minutes later by the Fire and Rescue personnels.

* Reporting and photo by Fitzpatrick Guing (BP) and edited by Bintulu.Org