Samy seemed to miss the limelight, rather lost after being kicked out of Parliament and without a cabinet post. He knows being out of the national news radar also do no good for his political survival. The voice in his party MIC are getting louder calling him to resign ASAP.

Hence it is understandable that he seizes the latest controversy surrounding the yoga ban to score a point or two – which can be crucial especially when he is seeking to be re-elected as MIC party president.

At least, he can bluff the Indian communities that he had done everything within his power to fight for them and hope they will forgive him for whatever sins he had done while in cabinet and parliament.

Malaysiakini reported the MIC president will be meeting the out-going PM to discuss the ban. Samy Vellu admitted the council had every right to make a decision on Muslims and Islamic matter.

He, however, said the description by the council on the yoga as “haram” may have caused confusion among the non-Muslims, particularly the Hindus.

Therefore, he would like to meet the prime minister on matter.

But why not meet the Fatwa Council instead for their clarification. What could the out-going PM do as religious matter lies with the Agong.