Map showing Sarawak's current and future hydroelectric dams location.

Sarawak will build at least three more dams to increase its power supply for own consumption as well as to meet power demand from Brunei and Sabah said Second Minister of Planning and Resouces Management Awang Tengah Ali Hassan.

He said the state’s priority would be to reduce the subsidy for power-supply to Limbang and Lawas as they were still depending on diesel-powered generators.

“Limbang and Lawas hydro electricity dams can be considered one of our priorities now as Limbang and Lawas are not connected to the state grid system and depend on diesel turbines.

“SESCO has to subsidise RM50 million a year of diesel for Lawas and Limbang,” said Awang Tengah at the launching of Tinta Kenyalang 2008 in Kuching on Wednesday as reported in Eastern Times on Thursday.

The Lawas and Limbang dams could generate 180MW and 150MW electricity respectively according to the minister.

The minister added the state government will consider constructing another dam soon in Trusan which can generate least 500MW electricity to be sold to Brunei and Sabah.

The federal-funded Bakun dam is expected to be fully completed in 2010 and the Murum dam which just started is expected to be completed by 2013.

The power from the Bakun dam has been earmarked for peninsular Malaysia while the Murum dam would supply energy to Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) projects.

“If we need more power, then we will construct the Balleh dam as Bakun and Murum would not be enough for our future energy needs,” said Awang Tengah.

*Peter Sibon (ET) contributed to this report.