Delayed development projects in rural areas of Sarawak under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) will be re-prioritized and continued in the next five-year plan, said deputy minister of Rural Development Datuk Joseph Entulu.

These were mainly rural and village roads, social amenities and alternative rural electricity supply he said.

“We’ll try to co-ordinate and re-prioritize them in order to get these projects off the ground. We’ll not scrap these projects but they will be continued under the 10MP,” he was quoted by Borneo Post as saying after launching Desaneka Expo at Choice Super Mall in Petra Jaya, Kuching on Friday.

Entulu said the federal government allocated RM2.9 billion this year to carry out development projects, such as rural and village roads, housing for hard-core poor, rural electricity supply throughout the country.

More than half of the allocation went to rural and village roads, adding that rural roads cost several millions of ringgit and village roads hundreds of thousand of ringgit.