Deputy chief minister Tan Sri Alfred Jabu yesterday blasted fellow Dayak assemblyman former independent Gabriel Adit Demong for his decision to join Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) recently.

Gabriel Adit

Jabu broke his silence on the issue at a Salcra’ function at Sri Aman yesterday. He described Adit’s decision to join PKR as a ‘personal’ one, that were done out his own selfish interests.

According to a Borneo Post news report on Monday, Jabu said Adit and another former MP Jimmy Donald decision to join PKR will backfire as it will result in losses to the people they are representing.

Jabu also said he wasn’t surprise with Jimmy Donald latest political move as it was due to his frustration. The deputy chief minister however didn’t explain why Jimmy was frustrated.

Jabu said he was optimistic that the people would continue supporting Barisan Nasional (BN) government as they are now more wiser in choosing their representatives.

“The people at large will forever rally behind BN,” Jabu said.

The deputy chief minister also believed PKR de facto leader Anwar and PKR state liason Dominique Ng would would not be supported by majority of Sarawakians come next state election.

Anwar and Ng still don’t know the aspirations and basic needs of the rural people (notably the Dayak) he reasoned.

“Rural people have this mindset that they will always support the BN government rather than the opposition,” Jabu explained.

Echoing his boss sentiment chief minister Tan Sri Taib, Jabu said “Anwar would also fail to lure majority of BN parliamentarians in the state to jump to Pakatan.

In his speech at the opening of PKR national congress Saturday, Adit admitted BN government in Sarawak is still very strong that they need PKR members from peninsula to come to the state to defeat them.

Adit also said Sarawak has a chief minister who had been around for far too long as 27 years in power was too much.