A Malay non-governmental organisation is demanding Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek to pay RM2 million compensation for allegedly questioning their special position in the country.

Mohd Apis Johar from the relative unknown NGO’s – Young Malay Graduates Movement (GGMM) said he was disturbed by remarks made by Dr Chua late last month, in which he said he accepted Malay leadership but not Malay supremacy, report Malaysia Insider.

“Before Merdeka, with a stroke of a pen, two million non-Malays were granted citizenship,” the group’s lawyer Khairul Azam Aziz said.

In its notice of demand addressed to Dr Chua, the lawyer who acted on behalf of Mohd Apis, also urged the former Labis MP to retract his statement an issue a public apology.

In a speech on Nov 28, Dr Chua said ‘We accept Malay leadership, but not Malay supremacy.

“We are not challenging the Malay special rights. It is enshrined in our constitution and nobody can take that away at the present moment.”

But, he said, “our country needs to move on”.

“Moving on is a futuristic thing. We are being defined by the past because we are still living in it,” Chua said.