A Mistubishi Storm pick-up truck driven by a teacher from SMK Bintulu almost fell into a deep monsoon drain near SMK Kidurong, Kidurong in a minor self-accident around 5.20pm today.

The driver, who identified himself as Dyllon Dido a teaching staff at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Bintulu said he and his brother were on their way home from the school when the accident happened.

“We were maneuvering to the right upon reaching the junction from the town direction. That’s where I begin to lose control of car,” Dyllon explained.

He said the car then turned and skidded a few meter away before being stopped by a monsoon drain barrier erected on the road side.

Asked what causing the accident Dyllon Dido said it was a self accident caused by a slippery road.

“It was a little slippery and oily somewhere near the middle of the junction, because a few minutes after the accident while waiting for the tow truck I saw two motorcycles skidded at the same spot,” Dyllon added.

However he said both motorcyclists also escaped unhurt from the accident. It was not known to us if Dyllon made a police report after accident. Follow up tomorrow.

More photos of the accident scene:

Geek.. it’s scary.

Slightly damaged front portion of the Mitsubishi four wheel drive pick-up truck

The tow operator figuring out how to get the pick-up truck out of the monsoon drain.

Cikgu Dyllon on the phone while waiting for the tow truck operators trying hard to figure out how lift his pick-up truck out of the monsoon. Behind him a few cars already slowing down trying to catch a glimpse of the accident.