Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said he would take legal action against a businesswoman here for accusing him of threatening her.

Tiong, who is also the chairman of BN Backbenchers’ Club, confirmed that he knew of the allegation from a newspaper report last week, and was dumbfounded by the whole allegations against him.

“Threat? What threat?” He said without commenting as he left the matter to his lawyer to deal with it.

As for the alleged criminal act, Tiong said “let’s leave the investigation to the police”.

He believed the police would handle the case in a professional and appropriate way. Tiong also said he was a little disappointed with the businesswoman as she seemed to be ungrateful.

“I came to know her through a friend who told me that the woman had no job and was facing some financial difficulties.”

“The friend said the woman had a family and she asked if I could help her,” the Bintulu MP said.

Tiong was rather perplexed by the woman in her allegation.

*Reporting by Raymond Tan (BP) and edited by Bintulu.Org

“What is her aim? Did she have any political motive?” He said he had not offended nor committed any criminal act against her.

“I am always busy. The people in my constituency know it, the reporters know it too.

“I do not have time for other things. I do not even have the time to visit my constituents for the last two months,” Tiong said.

On whether he was avoiding the people because of this issue, Tiong said he would not go into hiding nor avoid the people just because of the allegation.

Last week, a Chinese daily reported that a businesswoman had lodged a police report after she received threat from a member of parliament.