Tycoon Tan Sri Ting Pek Khiing resorted to personally padlocked SJK Chung No.2 in Stutong, Kuching after the school board failure to settle remaining RM3 million owed to the developer.

Ting Pek Khiing who is an advisor to developer Global Upline said he was disappointed with school trustee Sarawak United People Party attitude.

“They don’t even have the courtesy let me know how and when they would pay up” and adding the party not even bothered to raise funds to pay them.

“We need money to buy every single scoop of cement and sand for the construction. Now we have completed the project in time for lessons to start next year, but SUPP has not bothered to do something to raise money to pay us.

“I already asked our legal advisor to write a letter to remind them but they did not give the right answers. All they did was to keep calling for press conferences to tell when they want to take over the school and when the classes will start.

“If they had tried all means but were unable to raise any money, I don’t mind because I understand that now the economy is not good, but at least they had tried.

“I am very unhappy about this matter, the gate will remain closed until they pay us,” he said.

Ting also said that he had kept his promise of donating RM1 million for the school’s construction. The revealed that he had spoken to Dr Chan but the latter did not give a satisfying answer.

Meanwhile Dr. George Chan when contacted said the party still trying to get raise funds to pay the contractor.

* Reporting by Eve Sonary Heng, Ting Tieng Hee (BP) and edited for Bintulu.Org