Kidurong assemblyman Chiew Chiu Sing said the people in Bintulu, particularly those in Taman Sri Dagang area are worried about the long-term effects of electro smog microwave radiation on their health.

This invisible pulsing wave is emitted by communication transmission towers, as the one being erected in the center of a well-populated area in Taman Sri Dagang.

Troubled by the possible harm to human health would befall the people in the surrounding area Chiew approached the Borneo Post to highlight the issue yesterday.

“I am not against any beneficial development projects but the telecommunication tower has bad consequences,” he said.

He admitted that any development projects do have their pros and cons but insisted if the contras can’t be resolved they should find the best alternatives.

Chiew said he would insist that the communication tower to be placed away from highly populated area such as Taman Sri Dagang for safety and health reasons.

“Overseas researchers have found that the invisible microwave radiation has harmed hundreds of thousands of people in subtle and pervasive ways,” he said without specifically mentioned such research.

“Previously the people of Ecorich Park residents also raised their objection but their words seemed not to have reached the authorities concerned,” he said, adding that the government should take heed of the warnings of experts.

Chiew urged the government to build a much taller, as far away as possible from populated area to minimize the risk of the electro smog effects.

When someone quipped that the tower would facilitate access the Internet for the people of Bintulu, he countered “if the Internet is more important than one’s lives”.