Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Alfred Jabu said bloggers are only good at criticizing, and instigating people to go against government.

Speaking at the Saribas Social and Recreation Club annual dinner in Kuching on Saturday Jabu said this group of people only know how criticize and instigate people to oppose government reports Borneo Post on Monday.

“They blog every day and night but have done nothing for the people. They only talk,” Jabu was quoted as saying by the local daily.

However Jabu didn’t specifically mention which blogs or websites he was referring to but added as far as the opposition are concerned nothing the government had done was right.

“Because of this, many proposed projects were unduly delayed as government has to painstakingly explain the true picture to the people,” he lamented.

Jabu, who is Rural Development Minister and Salcra chairman, said he was glad to see that Salcra’s projects had benefited many rural folks since it was set up 32 years ago.

“If I’m not patient and I listen to people who discourage me, Salcra will not be as successful as it is today,” he was quoted to have said.

Jabu also said he was disappointed that Salcra’s harshest critics were from his own community the IbansĀ  despite the fact they had enjoyed greatly from Salcra’s successes.

Jabu reminded them to continue to work closely with the authority as those who distanced themselves would stand to lose in the end.

The deputy chief minister noted, since started in 1976 Salcra has benefited more than 14,000 people (of which majority are Ibans) and recently Salcra announced disbursement of RM52 million dividends to participating landowners.

“You’ll not do justice to our community by opposing the government” Jabu said.

Citing Betong Division as an example, he said the division has been allocated several development projects because the people there were always behind the government.

He said under the 10th Malaysia Plan, Betong would have the first rural higher learning institution – a polytechnic. He pledged to donate RM20,000 to Saribas Social and Recreational Club and RM30,000 to several Saribas cooperatives.

“I am aware that some people are saying bad things about government and me in their blogs. Let us not waste our time listening to these empty tins,” he quipped.

“I challenge them to do just 10 percent of what Salcra had done. If they succeed perhaps then we have reasons to listen to them. Otherwise they should shut up and don’t try to instigate the rakyat again,” he said.

The evening also witnessed about 14 students were presented with cash prices and certificates for their excellent result in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR).