Tan Sri George Chan Hong Nam said he is willing to step down as Sarawak United People’s Party president if the party can find more suitable, capable leader who can command support from majority of the party members.

He said if majority of the 591 delegates attending the party forthcoming triennial delegates’ conference wanted him to step down, he’d support the decision and step down.

“If there is another person in the party commands majority support, there is no need to ask me, I’ll step down automatically,” he was quoted as saying by See Hua Daily News on Wednesday.

Dr Chan has been under pressure from the party Engkilili branch motion for him to honor his 2006’s pledge to step down as the party president at the party triennial delegates’ conference (TDC) which will be held this weekend.

On Tuesday, Borneo Post quoted Toh as saying: “As a leader once you’ve promised something, you should honor that promise otherwise how can people trust you.”

Responding to Engkilili motion, the party Central Working Committee on Monday pledged unanimous support for Dr Chan to defend his president’s post.

Speaking to the media at the party headquarters in Kuching yesterday SUPP secretary-general Datuk Sim Kheng Hui said: “We want him to continue leading the party and we will forward our decision to the party TDC.”