Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang lauded the Bidayuh community for their strong support for Salcra.

Jabu, who is also the chairman of SALCRA, said one of the main players which had promoted SALCRA among the people, especially the Bidayuhs, was the Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA).jabu-3300123

“We are very grateful to DBNA which has assisted in promoting SALCRA among the Bidayuhs in Serian, Padawan and Bau,” Jabu said as reported by Eastern Times.

He said the people should thank the Government for bringing in SALCRA as it had proven to be an agent of change for the rural folk.

Jabu said without Salcra it would be very difficult to develop native lands in the state let alone bring benefit to the people.

However according to Jabu Salcra’s achievements and successes have breed jealously among certain quarters.

“Our main enemies at the moment are people jealous of our success. They disturb others and plan to disrupt government projects,” he was quoted as saying by Borneo Post on Friday.

Recently Jabu announced RM250,000 Salcra donations to five associations in the state including DBNA. Jabu also announced RM25,000 worth of minor rural project to DBNA.