Longhouse folks from Rh. Jambai Sungai Bekelit, Sibuti on Friday lodged police report after being prevented access to their farmland by a group of people.

The villagers alleged that the group had erected fence in the area and locked the entrance leading to their farmlands.

Lead by their headman Jambai Jali, 58 they lodged police report at Bekenu police station on Friday.

Jambai said they were seeking police help to investigate the matter because they need access to their farms.

Borneo Post said Miri Police chief ACP Jamaludin Ibrahim confirmed receiving Rh. Jambai police report and added they are investigating the claims.

“Police will take any report lodged by the people and investigate accordingly,” Borneo Post quoted Jamaludin as saying.

The daily said around 11am yesterday the villagers led two policemen from Bekenu police station to the area.

Police then brought three suspects to the Bekenu police station to record their statement.