PKR de facto leader and opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim made a brief tour of Sarawak last weekend.

The opposition leader and former deputy prime minister visited Sibu, Baram, Belaga which is near the controversial Bakun hydroelectric dam project and Sibuti where thousands of people were facing possible eviction.

According to The Star at a dinner on Sunday in Miri, Anwar publicly named state political leaders whom he claimed were involved in nepotism and cronyism.

He also highlighted what he claimed to be massive discrepancies involving timber logging, land grab by some politicians and private developers.

NCR land issues in Sarawak must be brought to the attention of parliament because NCR-related cases brought before the court took too long to be resolved said Anwar to the people of Sibuti.

“As a responsible wakil Rakyat (people representative), I will bring the matter to parliament in the next sitting,” Anwar said on Sunday.

Anwar also dismissed BN leaders’ suggestion that Pakatan Rakyat were offering empty promises and dreaming of taking over the government.

He said the opposition alliance is already ruling five states, including Selangor and Penang which are the riches states in Malaysia and now they are targeting Sarawak.

Pakatan government according to Anwar is people-oriented government as the offer free water for the poor, automatic assistance for funeral expenses of RM2,500, RM1,000 expenses for poor kids entering university and issuance of land title to deserving people.

Anwar said he would bring their plight to the federal capital and highlight them for national attention.

“The condition of life in rural Sarawak is still in bad condition, with little amenities for the people. “Where have all the government allocations gone to? Something is seriously wrong,” Anwar added.

Among those present at the dinner organized by PKR Miri chairman Dr Micheal Teo were Sabah PKR chief Datuk Jeffrey Kitingan, Dominique Ng, PKR Sarawak adviser Datuk Hafsah Harun, Gabriel Adit, Jimmy Donald, and former Telang Usan assemblyman Kebing Wan.

Anwar was accompanied by PAS Youth chief Saifuddin Nasution, DAP leaders and state Parti Keadilan leaders.