Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has described the passing of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Committee (MACC) Bill 2008 and Judicial Appointments Committee (JAC) Bill 2008 as a major success of the Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

He said the success would give the government a fresh impetus to deal with corruption and enhance the integrity and the people’s confidence towards the country’s judicial system.

“The country’s competitiveness will similarly be enhanced if we manage to stamp out corruption.

“This will attract investors to Malaysia as there will be no more corruption and at the same time, they are also confident of our judicial system,” he said in a live interview over RTM1’s Warta Perdana shortly after the passing of the JAC Wednesday.

Abdullah said both bills were crucial to the country and that he was happy that the bills had been approved.

“I am happy because prior to this, many thought that the government would not be able to pass the two bills.

“They were wondering how would it be possible for the government to pass bills that require amendments to the Federal Constitution when it had no (two-third majority) strength to do so.

“But we have adopted an approach where we can approve the bills without the need to amend the Constitution.

“This success is due to the strength of the government and BN members who supported the bills,” he said.

Abdullah said that the passing of the MACC and JAC was a clear proof of the government’s commitment to stamp out corruption and restore the confidence towards the judicial system.