Recently released report said Sarawak exporting RM4.99 billion worth of timber products from January to August 2008.

However next year outlook is expected to face a nosedive as major importers such as Japan, South Korea were said to have reduced and cancelled their orders since November this year.

Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation’s (STIDC) Perkasa bi-weekly newsletter said, the values of plywood, logs, and sawn timber were at RM3.083 billion, RM1.216 billion and RMO.693 billion respectively from January to August this year.

That contributed more than 55.46 percent, 21.88 per cent and 12.46 per cent to the total revenue from logs and timber products export for the state in the current year.

“The accumulated value of logs and timber products exported thus has increased by 10 per cent at RM5.558 billion compared to RM5.048 billion in the corresponding period last year,” STIDC said, quoted Borneo Post on Monday.

While logs, sawn timber, plywood, veneer, particleboard, block board, medium density fiber board and other products saw an increased. The export of dowels, moldings, laminated board and wood chips were decreasing.

According to the report India was the biggest importer of Sarawak logs, followed by Taiwan, Japan, China and Vietnam.

Malaysia neighboring country Thailand on the other hand was the biggest importer of the Sarawak’s sawn timber followed by the Middle East, Taiwan, the Philippines and South Africa.

Japan remained Sarawak biggest importer of plywood, closely followed by neighbor countries Korea, then the Middle East and Taiwan.

But for veneer products, Taiwan was the leading importer followed by South Korea and the Philippines.

The report said demand for Sarawak logs in Japan remained sluggish due to the slowing demand in its domestic market.

However, there was an expected increase in demand from the Indian market for Sarawak logs as they were trying to make the lost of supply from Myanmar.