Driving along the Bintulu-Kuching stretch of so called trans-Borneo highway is a pleasant one except for the few bumpy stretch along the Tatau-Selangau areas.

The above stretch which is about two kilometer long were full of potholes and especially dangerous to motorists unfamiliar with the road. The worst portion were somewhere after the SMK Balingian to Selangau town areas.

The constituency is under the deputy minister Joseph Entulu Belaun who is in charge of rural development. He won the Selangau parliamentary seat uncontested at the March 2008 election.

Perhaps it’s a typical arrogant BN style of rewarding voters for giving them free ride to parliament. Don’t be surprised the new ‘Datuk’ Joseph Entulu will win the seat uncontested again in five years time.

On the other hand Jabu wasn’t bragging when he said Betong enjoyed far greater development under BN! Driving along the Betong-Sri Aman road make you feel like you’re driving along North South highway in peninsular Malaysia.

Oil palm plantations rapidly replacing virgin tropical forest. I bet within the next decades the areas will be just like the Seremban-Melaka expressway – oil palm all along.

I must admit Betong road is much better than that of Tatau-Selangau area.  There were hardly any potholes visible and along certain stretch duals lanes built for overtaking maneuver.