Excerpt from Borneo Post, Saturday “Talib: Govt doesn’t wait until elections”.

Problems faced by the rakyat should be handled immediately by those in government and not be left until election time to be solved.

Jepak assemblyman Datuk Talib Zulpilip said the Barisan Nasional has been practicing this for many years by listening to the rakyat’s problems and resolving them immediately unlike the opposition.

He said this in his keynote address during a special dinner of appreciation for members of the Sebezau smart community at the Regency Plaza Hotel on Wednesday.

Talib said the opposition only raised issues and spoke out when elections drew nearer.

According to Talib, the people should realize the tactics of the opposition were only for political mileage and not truly for the good of the people.

“The opposition’s promises are just promises,” said Talib adding that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) cannot rule the country as they themselves are constantly arguing among themselves.

He added that most opposition leaders are enemies and questioned how these enemies could unite to govern the country.
Talib said the opposition should solve problems which arise immediately and not to wait until election time.

According to him BN has many credible leaders who have the spirit and qualities of leadership crucial for the country’s stability.

“Because of the quality of the government and its leadership, Bintulu is now becoming more developed,” said Talib.

He said economic growth would benefit the people and stability will further strengthen with unity and harmony.

YB, are you telling the truth or is this is typical BN cakap tak serupa bikin? Read what Bintulu voters said about you at Bintulu Talks (in Sarawak Malay):

Bukan apa, dah banyak gilak kita dengar rungutan tentang Yb kita ya. Dah berapa penggal nya represent Jepak tapi rasa rasa nya ada banyak lagi perkara yang dapat dipolah oleh dirik nya. Bila di bandingkan dengan Datuk tiong or yang di Kidurong ya, rasa rasa malu ajak, coz the question yang akan di utara kan ialah ya ajak kah yang dapat di polah oleh YB Bumi ?.

Pada hal tek nya represent almost bumi. Kawasan Dun Jepak gik juak cam ya, keadaan prasarana masih juak cam beberapa tahun yang lepas. pada hal tek, bukan besar gilak kawasan yang di jaga. orang orang kanan nya dari parti PBB pun bukan gago gilak nak nangga dan ninjau kawasan.

Loosely translated into English it means:

“There have been a lot of complaints being heard about YB (Datuk Zulpilip). After several years representing Jepak, I think there were still many things that he could have done. If compare to Datuk Seri Tiong and Kidurong Assemblyman (a DAP assemblyman), I feel ashamed because people would question is that all you can do as Bumi (bumiputra) representative?

Infrastructural facilities in Jepak hasn’t change much. In fact remained the same as it was a few years back, despite the fact that Jepak is a very small constituency”