aqsatubeAqsaTube Hamas propaganda video site is down again after several countries in Europe including French refused to host the site.

However,  according to a blogger Amir Mizroch it will likely to find a host in a much friendly nations such as Malaysia and Indonesia if Russia takes AqsaTube down as well.

Wired said AqsaTube which mimicked the popular Youtube site, is devoted entirely to propaganda and incitement,” explained Israel’s Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center, or ITIC.

Material included demonstrations of how to detonate explosives and fire weapons, speeches from Hamas and al-Qaeda leaderships, episodes from a popular Syrian TV drama and clips of kids in military uniforms — while a musician sings, “death is fame and victory.”

As we’ve noted before, today’s jihadists don’t just use the internet occasionally.  “They don’t exist without the web,” says Naval Postgraduate School professor John Arquilla.  Everything from recruiting to training to propaganda is handled online.