On Jan 5, Bintulu Edition highlighted the problem of errant pedestrians along the busy Jalan Abang Galau road, and wrote an email to Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) for their attention.

Upon alerted of this post, HALIM immediately responded by leaving this comment:

I believe BDA has come up with extra precaution on the safety aspect at the area; Pedestrian Bridge, iron fencing and clear view for the drivers. “Too high” should not be an issue here. The main issue here is the “attitude”…..How good are we in adressing the attitude problem…..

In China (Shenzen/ Guangzhou), as an example, development is very fantastic and ahead of us for 30 years, but the attitude of the people is behind of us for 30 as well. They acknowledge the so cause root problem and every dept and agencies especially media agencies come out with advertisement and promotion and highlight on the right attitude. May be the media should do the attitude campaign especially this blog…

Please get rid of the condemning culture and promote harmonious and civilise culture.

Today we received another email from Halim, as reproduced below:

I have received the comments from BDA top management on the matter. They agreed in principle that BDA has put up precaution measures on safety aspects at that area.

The issue of “don’t bother to use Pedestrian Bridge” is beyond BDA control.

On the issue, the best person who can give advice, comments and instruction is Tuan Resident, Dr. Razali Abon. He is the Chairman for the Jawatankuasa Keselamatan Bahagian Bintulu. He has the authority to inform Police Traffic to take action against Bintulu people who don’t bother to follow rules.

I hope you do understand our (BDA) limited roles in between government to government.


We did appreciate BDA efforts to safe people’s life by building the pedestrians bridge in the first place. But isn’t it would have been better had there was a higher fencing, and a ‘precaution’ (in the form of a warning signboard) put up near the bridge?

We agree, that a higher fencing, may not altogether solve the problem. But at least it will be seen as a clear warning for people not to cross the road.

In fact, since a higher fencing was erected along the road in front of SMK Bintulu, there were less students seen running crossing that road after school!