This is a guest post submitted by Abdul Hakim Bujang

Good Luck. That’s the best I could say to Anwar Ibrahim. His intention to unite the opposition leaders in Sarawak is very holy, and should be lauded.

True to the spirit of democracy, I will support whatever is needed by Anwar to materialise his dream.

Having a strong opposition is healthy for Malaysia, and of course Sarawak. We need credible opposition who are highly qualified, or at least highly trained, knowledgeable and competent.

Gone are the days of opposing for the sake of not giving Barisan Nasional (BN) uncontested victory.

Incidents of planted candidates by the so-called opposition just to spoil the party, and disrupt BN campaign machineries, spell nothing but laughter to the opposition…

Good luck Anwar

I don’t know whether Anwar is serious about trying to unite the opposition or simply trying to show that he is now having followers in Sarawak.

Only foolhardy leaders would bring in sworn enemies into the same camp and try to tell them to be good to each other, and share a common aspiration, when each and everyone of them are known to be wanting to be “leader” at all cost!

Anwar did just that, everywhere he goes in Sarawak. He must have some kind of magical stone trying to unite the ever fighting ambitious Dayak leaders, who have yet to proof their leadership abilities, apart from winning election either as BN men or aspiring BN men independents.

Just browse the Internet and you will see how happy and jubilant the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) at Anwar success of recruiting Dayak leaders in Sarawak.

If that is deemed as a success, so be it. The problem of managing “success” is humongously waiting for Anwar. His “success” is a time bomb that will not only explode but buried all his past good works in Peninsular Malaysia.

Having followed Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) crisis from day one to its second deregistration, cris-crossing from Julau to Long Bemang, there is a very clear separating line among Dayak leaders.

The so-called willing to follow Malays/Melanau and the wannabe top leader of Sarawak or in a simple crude word “Dayakisme” champion.

Ironically, Anwar have both of these set of leaders under his ‘clipped’ wings now. Who will forget which camp Jawah Gerang, Baru Bian, Gabriel Adit etc were from and which camp did Jimmy Donald, Munan Laja, Beginda Minda etc… Will the opposition supremo will be able to create a seat each for these leaders in the Parliament or Adun, only time will tell…

Let us go back to a simple lesson on some Dayak political stereo type. A and B want to contest, u pick B so A will contest as his opponent, and vice versa… Some describe it as “Longhouse Politic.” Iban usually split longhouse into two or more when they could not agree to a common leader.

Not so much of political affiliation or the much hyped “struggling for the people” and “championing the marginalised”…poodah! Go and buy a book from the election commission office to find out whether what I say is true or not.

In fact, many senior (veteran who was never promoted included) Dayak BN leaders used to contest as opposition and convert upon winning or seeking re-election the following terms.

Anwar will have to deal with this, not once or twice but throughout the remaining of his life should he still want to have Dayak leaders under him. That is fact. No offence.

If Manikavasagam causing him headache, fair enough. At least Manikavasagam is resigning to protest. Anwar must be prepared to having two or perhaps three branch chairmen of PKR Sarawak, seriously. SNAP, PBDS and PRS proven it, PKR is just waiting for the time. Archived this story.

The battle of Chinaman

If the Dayak problem is solved, how will Anwar tell the Chong and Ng, to kiss and make up? No way. Right after the struck of midnight, Chong and Ng (Sim Kwang Yang protege) renewed their feud in the barely isible 2009.

They will be celebrating 10th anniversary of quarelling publicly this year, and is marking it with a legal battle. Of course, both are rich from the legal business that were gaining popularity, partly from the widespread media coverage, literally meaning free publicity…

In 1999, DAP got the Bandar Kuching seat and PKR have to give way, just like their Dayak friend, and probably learning the trade in a true united Sarawak spirit, Ng resigned from PKR and contesting against Chong and BN as Independent.

The “cordial” relationship was of course cemented much earlier when SKY was knocked out by Chong families. All of SKY boys, especially Ng, Huan Yu and Chee How have no choice but to find shelter in PKR. This is Kuching.

Sarikei? When PKR man shows that he was having the ability to garner support, DAP dangle him a carrot to become their Parliamentary election candidate. Dr Wong Hua Seh, without Anwar knowing pulled down PKR logo and put up a brand new and much more promising DAP in the Chinese heartland.

Feeling marginalised, DAP guys and gal protested by joining the fray as independent candidates. Ng further infuriated the Chong by campaigning for Kung Chin Chin a former DAP leader, and was subsequently sued right after the election for slander.

Anwar came to Sarikei recently, and with his superpower, successfully bring in Kung Chin Chin into PKR and making her the PKR branch leader. Is she going remain in PKR if not nominated to contest in Repok? Only time will tell how “successful” Anwar is.

The not so berpakat now bergaduh

Probably trying to proof it takes two to tango, Ng sued Chong for slander. It was due to some comment made by the Chongs that Ng is a stumbling block to Pakatan Rakyat unity.

To add insult to injury, Ng was demoted from “a suddenly to die for” Sarawak PKR chairmanship. A seat that nobody wants few months ago!

Anwar have no choice but to head the “promising” Sarawak PKR Branch. They are having a very big potential, truly a very big potential for more crisis, as all the opposing people with different agenda are housed under one roof.

Apart from fight among Chinese to Chinese, and should be lucky if Dayaks and Dayaks could sit down and agree on candidate in PKR before agreeing with other non PKR because the Dayak seats are having more players now.

Apart from the traditional native-based opposition of SNAP and STAR, DAP are going rural too now. The Dayak seats are open to so many parties now, and is bound to make next election merrier, and tougher for whoever is claiming to be Dayak paramount chief.

Daniel Tajem comeback

After being whitewashed in Bukit Begunan seat in his latest attempt to wrest his long lost fortress, Daniel Tajem choose to be on the sideline campaigning for BN in the recent Parliamentary election.

His men, however are trying very hard to picture Tajem as the most visionary Dayak leader ever despite fact that some part of his relatively small constituency “remain as it is” though he was once a very powerful “Deputy Chief Minister” and minister in charge of very important portfolio.

The professional aligned to Tajem are currently helming Dayak NGOs and is using these movement as a platform to attack the establishment, of course by finding fault and exaggerating sentiment driven issues, though the bigger picture more than often are proving otherwise.

Armed with blogs, and new source of funding from Anwar Ibrahim and co, Tajem steadily tried to win back the Dayak votes by playing up Dayakisme sentiments just like what he did in 1980’s…

Oops, what about the Malays

Now that Anwar promised the next CM is going to be a Dayak, he has given a panacea to PBB leaders in Malay/Melanau area.

PBB Malay/Melanau leaders are so happy now that many have all the time to chit chat like teenagers on Facebook, laughing at their struggling Chinese and Dayak friends.

PKR leaders in Malay area are now literally dumbfounded. What will you say? Say if a kampung folk asked you, if Pakatan win who is going to be CM? Tell us?

Furthermore who can be a suitable candidate among Malay PKR leaders in Sarawak to become Chief Minister?

Powered by axed PBB leaders, ex(pelled?) government servants and hawkers, will the PKR leadership able to tower above PBB leadership?

Most importantly, the Kuching Malays, who think and behave as if they are the smartest definitely would take with a little bit more salt if the CM seat is given to Dayak, after the earlier four are two Dayak and two Melanau.

The elite Kuching Malays could not afford being laughed at, again, by the so-called not so smart worm eating Melanau that have been very dominant in Sarawak…

So, good luck Anwar. Hope you will able to manage your success in Sarawak. All the best