Did Muhyiddin implies that if we don’t vote for gov’t we will be penalized?

From Bernama:

Muhyiddin said if Wan Ahmad Farid was to win the Jan 17 by-election, it would be easier for him to bring up matters pertaining to the people’s needs as he would be offered back his post as Deputy Home Minister.

“This is more than a bonus for him (Wan Ahmad Farid) because he has direct access to convey problems of his constituents to the relevant ministers.

“He also does not need a middle man to convey problems of the people in his constituency. If the voters choose PAS candidate (Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut), what can he do.

“The federal government is a BN government, the state government also the BN. What channel does he have to bring up the people’s problems apart from the Parliament. Problems cannot be resolved. This is what the people should consider,” he added.