he International Trade and Industry Ministry is preparing a five-year development plan to begin this year for motor traders, Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said, Monday.

“It is to help them increase their stake in the auto trade business,” he told reporters after delivering a New Year Message to the International Trade and Industry Ministry staff.

“Coupled with the support the government has given in the form of Approved Permits (APs), we want to see how they can progress, move up the value chain, “NAZA is one classic example but unfortunately it is one and the only.

“We want to move into something more developmental in nature and we are working on it now,” he said. The ministry started preparing the plan last year.

Updating on AP holders’ performances, Muhyiddin said there were occasions when some of the holders abused the permits.

“It is quite remarkable to say that this is something very surprising that they are not doing it in the proper way, not fulfilling the terms and conditions being imposed.”

In some cases, the minister said the APs have been sold to different parties who were not entitled to hold the permits.

Muhyiddin said there were also situations where AP holders have limited capital, thus leading to a certain level of abuses by asking others to do it for them.

“We have identified these things, the differences are quite astounding,” he said.

Responding to this, Muhyiddin said measures are being taken such as withdrawing the permits from the holders. He, however, declined to give details.

Muhyiddin had asked ministry officials to check on the ground the performances of AP holders’ businesses when he was named the International Trade and Industry Minister in March last year.

Muhyiddin said he issued the directive in response to public concern on AP holders abusing the permits.

Muhyiddin said his ministry officials have also met PEKEMA, the association that represents AP holders.

“We have talked and explained to them that immediate steps must be taken to address the situation,” he added.