Updated: With apologies, we would like to inform that the scheduled talk on “Common Agricultural Pesticides and Their Effects” by Mr. Lim Guan Miaw will be replaced with a talk on “Small Mammals: A Neglected Group of Conservation Concern” by Miss Roslina Ragai. There will be no changes for the venue and time.

For further details contact Ollince Tateh (086-335880) or fax (086-335890).


Original post: The Sarawak Planted Forest (pulp and paper) Project (PFP), Bintulu Division target is to plant the fast growing Acacia mangium species for the supply of pulp and paper industry. Large forested areas of the PFZ are reserved for conservation of flora and fauna in the project.

The Conservation Program for the PFP is based on cooperative studies with local and international experts on biodiversity, conducting biological inventories with Conservation Program staff, university students and NGOs.

The PFP Conservation program is supporting awareness program for nature and conservation works besides cataloging the species richness of the PFZ, and to develop an effective long-term biodiversity conservation models for the PFP.

Mr. Lim Guan Miaw is a post graduate student undertaking research work at the University Putra Malaysia in Bintulu. He graduated from the same university in 2007 with Bachelor of Science in Bioindustry with a final year research paper on the effects of selected residual soil termiticides.

This lecture will place emphasis on the common pesticides used in the agricultural industry especially in oil palm plantation and vegetable farms, their environmental residues and its effects on human beings and the environment.

All are welcomed and registration will be done upon arrival. We especially welcomes publics, members of local NGOs such as the Sarawak Nature Society, Malaysia Nature Society and the Society For Wilderness to attend and enjoy this talk.

Tittle:  “Common Agricultural Pesticides and Their Effects“
Speaker: Mr. Lim Guan Miaw
Datte: 17th January 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 02..00 p..m.. (Registtration at 2..00-2::30 p..m..)
Venue: New World Suite, Level 10 Executive Meeting Room