There wasn’t much thing to write about SPDP gathering in Sibu last Saturday. Taib already knew that.

Apparently tired, after spending two good weeks of holidays overseas, Australia? he delegated the job to officiate the opening ceremony of the gathering to his besan and also Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri George Chan Hong Nam.

Borneo Post even relegated reporting of the gathering to it third page. Instead, the local daily dedicated it front page to featuring story of ‘defective MyKad’. What an ironic.

But, if there was one. It would certainly be about Mawan comment ‘that most YBs are not rich’.

He said many of the elected representatives (presumably only SPDP as SUPP and PBB YBs are mostly millionaires) are not rich and they need the government to look after their welfare.

Coincidentally Najib also reported to be saying something of that nature when campaigning in Kuala Terengganu. The Deputy Prime Minister said, BN Government has been“helping the people from cradle to the grave.”

Mawan might have read Najib’s mind, hence interpreting Najib speech to include ‘helping the BN YBs from the cradle to grave as well.

He said many of them were struggling with their limited resources in serving the people. If something were not done (did he meant by not awarding government contracts to these YBs and cronies) by BN to help these YBs,  they might be lured to join opposition!

“We don’t want to see our YBs being intermittently constrained by financial limitations in their service to the people. This will render them ineffective”, he was quoted as saying by Borneo Post on Sunday.

What Mawan did was something we never heard of utter in Umno or MCA assembly. Even MIC didn’t speak about helping their elected representatives financially.

Back here in Sarawak party leaders are more concerned about helping its representatives than the people they represented!

What Mawan said will be a good piece news for Sim Kwang’s Dayak Dilemma series in Malaysiakini? Perhaps, also for Dayak avid political observers such as Dayak Baru and The Broken Shield.