Busty 22-year-old American Natalie Dylan is auctioning her virginity supposedly to finance her college education.

The highest bidder at the time of writing was an Australian businessman offering a whooping USD $3.8 (or RM 13.6 mil) to bed her.

She came up with the idea after older sister Avia funded her University studies by working as a prostitute for three weeks.

She’s been getting steady stream of criticism from women and from men over the validity of her virginity claims.

Yet her lot has become one of the biggest, barmiest and, well, blue auctions the Internet has ever seen, according to The Sun UK.

“It’s not like an eBay auction,” she said recently. “I don’t have to take the highest bidder.

“I’m taking time to get to know the guys. We contact each other back and forth.

“I’m selling my virginity, it’s a one time thing and I’m definitely willing to work with them.”

Natalie – who is keeping her real name a secret – was speaking for the first time during an appearance on Tyra Banks’ talkshow across the Pond.