siren_v5A US Airways flight crashed into the Hudson just after 3 pm. The FAA reports everyone is off safely. There are no life threatening injuries. Just after 3:30 pm Thursday live coverage began of the plane downed in the river, with people standing on the wings. Flight 1549, an A320, took off from Laguardia on it’s way to Charlotte at 3:26 pm.

They report the plane went down very smoothly, as though landing on a runway, which was confirmed by passengers onboard. A passenger speaking to the local NBC affiliate reported seeing an engine catch fire. Another survivor said he smelled gasoline and the pilot said to brace for a hard impact.

Passengers thankful for being alive

After landing, passengers stood on the wings wearing their yellow life jackets and getting onto small boats and ferries. Multiple ferries sped over to help. No passengers seemed to be swimming or in the river, rather everyone stood patiently waiting to picked up from the wings. Shortly after the crash, the fuselage sunk below the water line after floating and then began moving downriver, largely submerged. The plane appeared wholly intact.

US Airways CEO Doug Parker held a short press conference just after 5 pm EST from the airline’s Phoenix headquarters. He stressed the airline’s focus on safety and kept it brief, as he had to fly to New York.